I'm Angi, your portrait photographer

my camera and me, together to find beauty & love

Photography is an extension of myself. Photography guides me to new adventures, new people and good vibes. Everyday brings on opportunties to capture the morning breath of natures light, the afternoon sun as it brightens up your smiles and the evening sunset as the golden light makes you glow with laughter.


Fact 1

I have an obsession with house plants. I am not super knowledgeable about them but I am always learning.


Fact 2

I have 3 dogs, a cat and some pet fish, but I also dog sit for others and would do fun little photoshoots with my dogs and doggie guests.


Fact 3

My husband and I shoot analog film together as a shared hobby. We love the feel, aesthetics and beauty of film.


Fact 4

I had struggled with my mental health in my younger years and I finally discovered my peace and happiness.